Bernhard Cornwell: Implementing an Integrated Framework that people actually use

Bernhard Cornwell

Bernhard Cornwell

Speaker: Bernhard Cornwell

Presentation at BA Summit 2015


Over the years I have worked together with a considerable number of global companies that have struggled with developing an effective life cycle model for projects and getting their teams to apply them in a consistent way. In this presentation I shall map out how Zurich Insurance Group have built their own framework based on PMI and other standards and progressively expanded it to integrate System Development, Business Analysis, Organisational Change and Agile. Moreover they have achieved an adoption rate in relevant projects in excess of 90%.

For the Zurich Project Management Framework (ZPMF) to become a truly global standard for Zurich it needed the buy-in of business. Hence what otherwise might have become yet another primarily IT brainchild to achieve a higher level of uniformity in Projects, ZPMF started life as a business initiative. This has led among other advantages to a consistent link between Business Case and Benefit Validation – an issue not only close to the hearts of BAs but also vital for more effective allocation of funding in Portfolio Management.

About the speaker:

Bernhard Cornwell, born in 1949, is a management consultant for Project Management. After a lengthy period with CSC/Ploenzke, where alongside his work internationally with mainly global enterprises he was responsible for the implementation of the CSC methodology Catalyst in Germany, he was one of the founding directors of project inline GmbH. Since 2010 he has been active as a freelance consultant, coach and trainer in all matters connected with the effective organisation and implementation of project management, leadership and business analysis.


Download der Vortragsslides als PDF: IIBA_BA_Summit_2015_07b_Bernhard_Cornwell_Implementing_an_Integrated_Framework